Turbo MSN (S90)

Turbo MSN (S90) 1.2

Instant messaging program for Series 90 cellphones

Stay online 24 hours a day with Turbo MSN, the instant messaging client for cellphones which allows you to connect to the MSN messenger network.

Turbo MSN allows you to send or receive messages, manage your contacts (add, delete, block etc), insert 'emoticons' (smileys), set your online/offline status, play sound alerts, save your message history, send messages to contact groups, send emails and attach images.

Key features of Turbo MSN include:

  • Contacts management: add/remove/block/unblock contact, add/remove group
  • Complete emoticon support
  • Presence status support
  • Sound alert for incoming messages and online events (option to turn it off)
  • File Transfer (send/receive photos, music, documents, etc. to/from your contacts instantly)
  • Support unlimited chat sessions
  • Instant message with two or more persons
  • Save chat history to file
  • Send SMS/MMS/EMail
  • View contacts in the group view or by online/offline status
  • ...and much more!

A popular solution for keeping in touch with all your buddies on the MSN Messenger network.

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Turbo MSN (S90)


Turbo MSN (S90) 1.2